We are so good at what we do that our customers
have been with us for over fifteen years

Ken’s honesty about achieving our requirements while keeping our costs down sealed the relationship. I had met with several other companies, but no one ever asked to look at our existing system which was the best place to start and saved us money. AMSYS is the company we rely on for all our IT needs. The whole team from his office to his technicians have never let us down and always go out of their way to help us. We are approached by new companies all the time, but we stopped looking seven years ago. AMSYS has served us well and we highly recommend them.

Susie Solanji, Office Manager

As a large, non-profit organization, we are constantly faced with the challenges of managing increasing demand with limited resources. Ken and the AMSYS team have delivered exemplary service from everything to hardware and cabling to managed services. From a single cable drop to detailed infrastructure support, AMSYS is able to deliver support customized to fit your specific needs. AMSYS will continue to be a part of our growing organization for years to come.

Tracey S. Gabel, Information Technology Project Manager.

IT in the medical world is nonstop. I wish some days patients sickness could take a day off to give the IT world a day off… kidding.
When our old cabling company work started going downhill, I started looking for another company do to basic cabling jobs. I found Amsys and thought, awesome a local company to Houston would be great. I met with the CEO Ken as well as my new sells rep Lanie. Both welcomed me with open arms. Since then we have used AMSYS for not just our cabling needs but also for other IT services for ordering APC backup units to having them cable our new building in Sugarland to installing racks and switches. Everyone from the cable guys coming out to do a site survey to the job being complete.

I have not had any issues. Sunshine is amazing at finding hard to find items super-fast. I also love that I can use Amsys as a second eye service on projects and solutions. Even as something as simple as sending over a Visio and having of his super qualified engineers look it over and make suggestions, has saved our company money and time. This allows me to spend more time with my doctors to provide them the tools to help take care of the needs of our patients.
One of the biggest issues that I have had with other companies that I have never found with Amsys is the, “your just a small company and we have bigger projects to do”. I have always felt they put my need as a top priority from a small 1 cable move to a 100 drop brand new installation.

Daniel Godbout, Information Technology Manager

I couldn’t have asked for a better IT support team! Your qualified IT techs and engineers are always there to help as and every day they go above and beyond the call of duty for us to help make sure that our practice runs smoothly. Being a growing and fast paced medical practice requires a lot of IT support, and I feel that we definitely get that from your team. Thank you!

Kelly McSperitt, BSHM, RPT, Practice Administrator

Our Facilities have treated over 30,000 patients since 1999. We have been through many IT entities yet found Amsys to be the “one”. Amsys Innovative Solutions has been our IT partner since 2007 and we could not have selected a more reliable and professional group. Amsys has been the only one that has consistently met our IT demands and created reliable and responsive systems and services; that has enabled us to continue our growth and meet our seamless concept of care for our patients across all of our clinics.

Dr. Amir S Kazemi PT, DPT, MS, OCS, CSCS

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