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A Wireless First connectivity methodology is cost effective, efficient, and secure.

With a workforce that is more untethered and dependent on WiFi enabled IOT devices and appliances, it is essential to ensure your wireless network can meet peak demand. Securely.

At AMSYS, we are focused on meeting the demands of modern wireless connectivity. From dense clinical environments with strict parameters for delay sensitive traffic to huddle spaces, AMSYS can design and implement your wireless network. We ensure your environment can keep up with technology demands, wherever connectivity is needed.

Today, as businesses continue shifting to cloud-based platforms, so does the need to shift to wireless options that fit your business’ needs. At AMSYS, we offer a wide array of wireless solutions that fit, such as optimizing data capture and use, implementing routers and/or switches, configuring what’s best for your WAN, WLAN, and/or SD-WAN needs…the solutions are endless. Wireless solutions offer a better way to secure your data; shared access to network devices, such as printers and mobile equipment; and, remote access and control to computers and networks, in general.

Considerations When Designing Your Wireless Solution

Site Survey

Computer model or active survey? This largely depends on the required wireless density and redundancy of the solution. It is common to do pre and post implementation surveys.


If you want to ensure the availability of your network, integrity of your wireless infrastructure and safety/confidentiality of your data and intellectual property, allow AMSYS to create your wireless security framework.

Wireless Controller

On-site and cloud based wireless control is available to manage the Wi-Fi infrastructure. We will help you choose what’s best for your application.


We can provide coverage throughout your entire enterprise including outdoor, parking garage or even rooftop spaces. Some businesses prefer whole coverage; others prefer coverage in designated areas–it’s how you want it.


There are a variety of ways in which installations can take place. We consider the area of coverage, where access points are best deployed, indoor/outdoor installations…the arrangements are endless. Whatever your budget, we make it work.


IOT devices such RTLS sensors, VoIP users and number of simultaneous connections all play a role in Wi-Fi density requirements. To ensure optimal data connectivity and speed, AMSYS will create the right wireless framework to fit your business’ unique needs.


We offer a variety of managed service solutions to ensure your business is running smoothly. Through proactive network monitoring and alarm management AMSYS provides real-time insight into the network’s health.

Emergency Responder Radio/DAS

AMSYS can provide both Emergency Responder Radio and DAS solutions. We work with the appropriate resources, either the carriers or authority having jurisdiction to provide the right solution for your requirements.

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Amsys Wireless Solutions

If you need to build a wireless solutions network from the ground up or need a service partner who can enhance your current wireless network infrastructure, take advantage of AMSYS’s award-winning services to create optimal wireless solutions for your growing business!