Smart Buildings

Stop designing brand new buildings using 15 year old technology.
AMSYS will ensure your building is Future-Ready from day one.

Lighting matters. At AMSYS, our skilled technicians can build lighting solutions that will create the right tone and mood for your business. Whether you need to highlight a certain area on-premise, need to light pathways for ease of access, or simply want to create an ambience that instills an artistic approach to your enterprise, AMSYS can turn your vision into reality.


At AMSYS we partner with the most recognized names in building automation. We can help your business choose the partner that best suits your needs. From being able to leverage a single pane of glass to determining building occupancy and gaining efficiency, we can help maximize your results.

Smart Parking

Need to create an optimal parking solution? At AMSYS, we can build systems that provide data analytical capabilities to help you keep count of vehicles, the number of parking spots available and how best to leverage the data to ensure your customers are experiencing a no-hassle parking experience.

IT /
OT Convergence

To achieve Digital Innovation, it’s necessary to converge operational technology systems with information technology systems. By leveraging IT network components such as compute, wireless, storage, fast switching; OT network components such as control systems, SCADA, and industrial connected devices can communicate seamlessly. This allows for easy access to data in order to create efficiencies or even identify problems before they become emergencies.


If you’re looking to enhance your security measures, you may want to consider facial recognition tech, smart card tech, as well as cybersecurity measures and cloud solutions all of which can protect your assets and data in one combined service. At AMSYS, we can create a security system solution that benefits you and your employees.

IOT Solutions
(internet of things)

Devices are more prevalent and the need for more robust, IP-powered,
physical and wireless connections are more important than ever. Whether it’s your thermostat, a smart AI virtual assistant, garage door, refrigerator app and/or SMART TV, IoT solutions are needed more than ever.

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Additional Features of our SMART® Building Solutions:

  • Incorporate IP-enabled sensors and devices
  • Build or enhance the design of network
  • Enhance safety/security measures of your business enterprises
  • Ensure proper indoor air quality
  • Strategically place safety and occupancy sensors