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Build Face-to-Face Relationships

Make that personal connection without worrying about that connecting flight. Just click and start communicating—simple as that! Harness the latest in today’s collaborative technology and integrated automation to develop customized solutions that meet your team’s unique needs and communication styles.

Whether deployed in a small conference room, large executive boardroom, or even as a desktop application, these “click to start” video enabled solutions support more meaningful engagements with less multi-tasking, increasing overall meeting effectiveness.

  • Spaces are designed to meet your unique needs without added cost or complexity, however we can prepare future infrastructures for anticipated growth and changes.
  • Sleek connectivity solutions and BYOD (bring your own device) options result in an uncluttered space the operates to meet your needs
  • Movable furniture solutions support effective remote training with the ability for different room configurations without sacrificing audio quality


Conduct Your Meetings with Confidence

Your meeting space needs are impacted by numerous factors—the types of meetings, interaction levels, frequency, people leading the sessions and more. We collaborate with the entire project team to design and deliver intuitive solutions that provide a seamless user experience, resulting in a space as aesthetically engaging as it is technologically enabled.

With laser precision from project inception all the way through completion, our driving goal is to deliver a space that helps you meet your unique goals.

  • By openly communicating with all project stakeholders, from the client and general contractor to furniture and various trades, we can identify and mitigate any challenges early in the project.
  • Together, we evaluate the exact capabilities your unique space needs ensuring a system that meets all requirements without unnecessary complexity that hinders user experience.
  • Require additional meeting support? Our best in class service professionals provide Day 2 support with a comprehensive portfolio designed to ease additional strain on your IT department.


Enhance Productivity and Hold Collaboration Sessions with Ease

Encourage team collaboration with standards-based conference and huddle spaces that enhance productivity. By designing and deploying consistent technology in meeting suites throughout your organization, employees are able to confidently lead and join sessions no matter the room or even geographic location.

This standards-based approach not only heightens the user experience but also improves room scheduling flexibility, allowing your team to make the most use of each and every meeting space.

  • Established room standards build familiarity, and ensure a consistent user experience across your enterprise
  • An intuitive experience enables users to jump right into their meeting and puts ideas at the forefront of discussion, not the technology setup
  • Fleet style meeting spaces streamline deployment and room management as well as provide a blue print for future growth


Stop Trying to Ignore the Office Chatter

Counteract natural distractions in today’s open floorplan designs. While modern office spaces offer a sleek and sophisticated look, what’s that lack of privacy costing your organization in lost productivity due to these daily distractions? Implementing a sound masking solution in your facility helps keep your team focused on the task at hand.

An effective system camouflages office noise distractions and simultaneously enhances speech privacy, as well as provides additional mass notification and messaging capabilities.

  • Whether you have a drop ceiling or open design, we strategically establish a system of emitters that help reduce the radius of distraction of nearby conversations.
  • While most recommended in larger open areas, this technology can be deployed in smaller enclosed spaces to enhance privacy between offices as well.
  • As part of any technology upgrade, sound masking is a solution that you might not notice when it’s working, but the impacts of its absence are undeniable.

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