Structured Cabling

AMSYS adheres to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Building Industry Consulting Service International, Inc. (BICSI), as well as the Telecommunications Industries Association/Electronic Industries Association (TIA/EIA). This adherence allows AMSYS to follow strict codes and guidelines to ensure we provide you with exceptional service that are aligned to industry standards and practices.

By following these standards, we have maintained consistency in how we design and install cabling. As well, these standards offer us a blueprint when reviewing our client’s proposals and/or changes needed to enhance their IT needs.

At AMSYS, we also understand that every structured cabling assembly is distinct. We review types of buildings in which the cabling structure is housed; the functions, connections and cabling used; the types of short- and long-term goals for cabling connections being installed; and, the services our clients expect. We understand how cabling systems are constructed and the efficiency with which the cabling should be deployed. Such attention to detail will give you a decisive advantage over your competitors. 

Do you require simple installations? No problem. Is there a complex design in mind? We’ve been there, done that. There’s nothing we can’t do. At AMSYS, we thrive on challenges and try our best to problem-solve our way to solutions that meet your ever-evolving needs.