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Business today revolves around data – and data is required as evidentiary support in litigation

IT data loss risk for your clients is high
Data must be retained and easily accessible
Provide supporting data to strengthen your case
Data provides leverage in settlement negotiation

DATA is critical! LET us help you prepare so you can WIN!!


A medium sized multi-national cosmetics company filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy…

When this client tried to collect from a national seller (a well-known drug store chain) who owed them 22 million dollars the judge required hard evidence in the form of invoices. All client data was in the cloud on Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions and had not been backed up locally. Because the invoice data had been tied to the SaaS system which was turned off because of nonpayment (the data was purged) the client was unable to supply hard evidence to the judge and the judge ruled for the defendant.

The client nor their attorneys recouped any money that was rightfully theirs!

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Why Us ?

Chapter 11 can be a dark and murky process to undertake

Most companies and attorneys are focused on issues related to proceedings and overlook IT services, risk assessments required, and protecting/accessing data when creating a restructuring plan.

About Us

Why is IT planning and execution important?


Companies routinely use SaaS (software as a service) and cloud based solutions as part of their daily routines. They provide a useful, cost-effective strategy for company revenues, BUT often do not have local physical backups bundled within them. This puts long term data preservation at risk.

How we can Support

We partner with attorneys and clients early in the bankruptcy planning process to ensure our #1 Goal - To Preserve Data Throughout the Litigation Process.

Key Areas We Manage:
  • Payments (Invoices)
  • Consolidation
  • Negotiation (Vendors)
  • Liquidation

Our Restructuring Plans Are Designed To Consider Each Client’s Unique Needs. We Identify and Secure Important Data Sets, Find Ways to Reduce Costs, Accelerate Cash Flow, and Provide Real Time Information To Our Clients.

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Domain Expertise

  • Unlike our competition, Amsys and the principals at Blue Ribbon IT have been in the IT world for many decades and solely focused on IT solutions and data.
  • Our teams are comprised of technology experts in legal, software/applications, data, networking and infrastructure.
  • These daily tasks are our bread and butter. We know where to look for gotchas – we have learned from past lessons and are best suited to proactively protect you and the client.
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We care

  • We know companies that have made bad IT decisions and have been through Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Lost and inaccessible data has cost some organizations millions of dollars. We know the pain around these experiences and do not want them to happen to you.
  • We are customer focused – we have integrity and compassion for you and the client.
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We are cost effective and do more

  • Every dollar counts, our rates are considerably lower than the competition.
  • We offer more services than our competition and this allows us to create a customized solution for you.
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