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We help your IT team succeed.
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Does your IT team strugglewith these issues?

  • Your internal IT team is budget constrained and you can’t hire new team members.
  • You’re uncertain that your technology and data is totally protected against cyber-attacks.
  • You want to be proactive, but you’re stuck in a reactive cycle of never-ending support tasks with a full inbox.
  • There is a need for expert knowledge to improve and optimize your business technologies.
  • Your staff complains about their computer issues daily and everyone is getting frustrated.
  • You have projects in the pipeline but you’re never able to free up time for them.

These are NOT Insignificant Problems and WILL Impact Your Bottom Line.

P.S. they won’t just work themselves out.

To guarantee a productive IT ecosystem, your staff must be able to take proactive measures. This can’t happen when they are constantly inundated with recurring fixes.
Ultimately aggravation will set in throughout the organization, causing lower productivity, poor employee retention, loss of contracts and profit erosion.
The logical solution is to supplement your in-house IT team with AMSYS’s expert staff, allowing your IT team the flexibility to work on what’s most important.

Why Do Businesses Partner With AMSYS
For Co-Managed Solutions?

With our co-managed services, AMSYS is not just a vendor, we are a partner for your current and future IT success.

For nearly 20 years, AMSYS has been an established and trusted IT, cybersecurity solutions and cloud services provider in Texas.
Let us show you why we have over a 97% client retention rate.

What To Expect From AMSYS’s Co-Managed Solutions

More time.
Less stress.

Your team has more time to focus on milestone projects that they would otherwise never find the time to start or complete.

Increased ROI

Reducing downtime, inefficiencies and staff turnover creates a measurable positive return on your IT investment.

Round-the-clock support

AMSYS monitors your systems, network access, processes, and communications; ensuring your business is covered.

Peace of Mind

Take comfort knowing the business technology is safe, secure, and optimized to facilitate growth.

Your Co-Managed IT Solutions

Your IT team can leverage our resources and expertise to streamline your business,
delivering measurable results and giving back your most valuable resource, TIME.

Co-Managed IT Support

We work with your IT team to ensure your technology is functional and aligned with your business goals.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

We enforce strict protocols to ensure your data and systems are secure and easily recoverable in the event of a disaster.


We carry out proactive threat monitoring and security measures including firewalls, antivirus and malware protection.

Virtual CIO/CTO

We develop and follow a technology roadmap that ensures optimal functionality and alignment with your business goals.

Microsoft 365 Support

We empower you to get the most out of Microsoft 365.

Cloud/AMSYS-AWS, Azure Integration

We provide customized and scalable cloud solutions that boost your bottom line and keep your business agile.

Compliance Management

We keep pace with your industry’s latest compliance regulations and ensure that your IT systems and data management are up to speed.

Online Resources

Check out our blog for the latest tech trends and IT tips.

Start with your

Achieving stable and productive technology starts with your CyberSCORE – our in-depth analysis of your organization’s IT infrastructure.

Your CyberSCORE will reveal strengths and weaknesses in your IT and offer insights on the most beneficial improvements you can make.

Better Sleep Guarantee

Our tailored solutions will quickly integrate with your existing systems and optimize your technology environment.

We guarantee you will see and feel the benefits throughout your organization in less than 90 days, and if you’re not sleeping better as a result, we’ll buy you a new mattress!

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